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Inside Nike’s Design Lab – Nike 5

Feb 3, 2009

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Nike’s been kind enough to give us a glimpse into what goes on when they are designing a new boot, specifically the new line of Nike’s Indoor and Turf shoes. Definitly worth the watch if only to see some of the sketches of possible upcoming boots. Oh, and some fancy footwork from Javier Mascherano, Denilson, [...]

Ronaldo’s New Car

Jan 23, 2009

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After writing off his Ferrari, Ronaldo has found a new means of conveyance…

Unfortunately, We Will Not Have This Kit

Dec 30, 2008

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So, I just ran across this video on the frontpage of It’s from back in 2005, but it’s new to me. The SpiderMan in question was Jérémie Janot of AS Saint-Étienne. Not Jonás Gutiérrez of recent Newcastle fame (see video after jump). It appears as though, on top of the obvious mask, the kit [...]’s New Theme Song: Soccer Ball (In The Face) by Parry Gripp

Dec 15, 2008

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This video is genius. Put together a bunch of clips of people taking soccer balls to the face (by itself, hilarious) and a catchy, cheesy, and funny song and you have pure comedic gold. OK, well maybe not gold, but a good laugh nonetheless.Parry Gripp has done a few videos that have become Youtube hits [...]

Mourinho Welcomes Attention

Oct 31, 2008

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The guys at I’m on Setanta Sports have done it again with a parody of Ringo Starr’s fan announcement. Unlike Ringo, The Special one welcomes all the attention he can get. No big surprise here. We here at the office love the show, and would recommend it to anyone. Oh, and here’s Ringo’s announcement for [...]