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Aug 26, 2011

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Keeper Week rolls on, and today we bring you some of the greatest goalkeeping blunders… in fashion. Whether draped from head to toe in neon hues or proudly boasting a cartoon character across their chest, these goalkeepers sported some of the most outrageous jerseys in the history of the game. Perhaps the idea here is that a jersey rich with all the colors of the spectrum would distract opposing strikers from getting their shots on target. Right? We can hope, anyway. You be the judge.

Neville Southall




Neville Southall’s collage of a kit for Wales is interesting, to say the least. The kind folks at Umbro must have been having some decision issues when this jersey was dreamed up. Should we go with light colors, dark colors, vertical stripes, diagonal stripes, spots, swirls, or a collar with matching cuffs? … Let’s just thrown it all on there.





David Seaman




It can only be assumed this England Euro 96 goalkeeper jersey was inspired by some sort of graffiti. Either way, David Seaman looks like he’s really trying to sell the thing with this pose. Someone should tell him that’s his penalty box, not a cat walk.






Aston Villa '93




If you’re wondering what the offspring of a kaleidoscope and a Bill Cosby sweater would look like, search no further than Aston Villa‘s goalkeeper kit circa 1993 seen here. That’s really all there is to say.









Pablo Aurrecochea

Pablo Aurrecochea of Uruguay designs his own keeper jerseys. Could you have guessed? Now, we’ll give Aurrecochea a pass on the super-hero logos, because who doesn’t like Batman and Superman? But the Simpsons’ Krusty the Clown and the Tasmanian Devil across his chest leave us a little flabbergasted. Would you wear a cartoon character on your jersey?


Jorge Campos


Finally, the king of the tacky keeper jersey — none other than Mexico‘s Jorge Campos. Known for his vibrant jerseys, Mr. Campos is another fashion monger who cast aside the pre-existing jerseys and decided to design his own. Sure, the end product makes it look like he just sky-dived directly onto the field, but it’s hard to knock a keeper who would often start a game in goal, but later move up field to play striker. Can’t you see it now? Campos flying down the field, carving past defenders, neon-colored nylon flapping behind him. Ah, the joys of 1994 fashion.

So there you have some of our favorite tacky keeper jerseys! Did we leave out a particularly daft jersey, or do you remember a keeper’s kit that had you laughing? Let us know, because we’d love to see it.

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