Retro Week: Arsenal ’84-86 jersey

Oct 3, 2011

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It’s Retro Week here at World Soccer Shop! We’re celebrating by featuring a handful of the throw-back kits available in our shop. Spanning the past century and the entire globe, these retro jerseys carry plenty of memories and an equal amount of old-school swag!

0602200P ARSENAL
You don’t get much more retro then these two Arsenal boys — short sleeves, short shorts, feathered hair and a mid-80s mustache. That’s Charlie Nicholas to the right and Viv Anderson below, two of the livelier Gunners during the mid-80s, a period that wasn’t the club’s most fruitful. However the Arsenal squad over these years laid the foundation for one of the club’s most prolific periods during the late 80s and early 90s.

But what a kit, eh! Shockingly short shorts aside, this is what a soccer jersey should look like. It’s the perfect mesh of old and new. Functional, not over the top. Stylish, but not too much flare. It’s the perfect jersey for a player who’s there to play some footy and nothing else. Just ask Mr. Nicholas and Mr. Anderson. They’ll tell you. Most 80s fashion triggers your gag reflex these 25 years later, but Arsenal’s kit from the middle of the decade is nothing if not a gentleman’s jersey.


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