Retro Week: Argentina ’86 jersey

Oct 3, 2011

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It’s Retro Week here at World Soccer Shop! We’re celebrating by featuring a handful of the throw-back kits available in our shop. Spanning the past century and the entire globe, these retro jerseys carry plenty of memories and an equal amount of old-school swag!

MVD2004041903271Few images in the history of the game are more iconic than Maradona celebrating on the washed-out, mid-80s broadcast of the World Cup in those sky blue stripes.
Ironically, the famous moments don’t come from the 1986 World Cup final that Argentina won, but from the tournament’s quarterfinal against England, where two of the game’s best goals were scored by one of the game’s best players.
First Maradona netted the famous “Hand of God” to put Argentina a goal ahead of the English. Keeper Peter Shilton looked to be the favorite at 6’10” when he came out for a bouncing, miscleared ball, but 5’5” Maradona got there first, with his hand, illegally knocking in the go-ahead goal on the world’s biggest stage. Then again, it’s only illegal if the referee calls it, no? After the match, he said that goal was scored “a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God.”
But the Argentina legend wasn’t done there. Scoring a goal that would be forever coined “The Hand of God” wasn’t enough. He had to score the “Goal of the Century” (as voted in 2002 on, mind you). Maradona controlled the ball at midfield, and after six English challenges and one scintillating, slaloming run, the ball was in the back of the net and engraved in history.
Two victories later, Argentina was crowned champion of the world in high fashion. It didn’t matter if that Argentina national team wore its iconic stripes or the classy solid blue, either way something special was going to happen when they took the pitch.



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