Retro Week: Uruguay 1950 jersey

Oct 3, 2011

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It’s Retro Week here at World Soccer Shop! We’re celebrating by featuring a handful of the throw-back kits available in our shop. Spanning the past century and the entire globe, these retro jerseys carry plenty of memories and an equal amount of old-school swag!

MVD2005033122538Another classic jersey, another tale of bitter rivalry and outstanding performance.
Uruguay conquered a mighty Brazil squad in 1950 to win its second World Cup title in a match that’s looked at as one of the most surprising upsets in the tournament’s history. The dramatic nature and result of this cup final is largely responsible for heated rivalry known between the two South American countries.
Due to the wacky formatting of that year’s World Cup, a draw would for Brazil would be good enough to crown them world champions. Uruguay, on the other hand, had to win to claim the title.
After a scoreless first half, the Brazilians struck home an early second half goal. Only needing the tie, things looked
promising for the favorites, but Uruguay quickly equalized in the photo top right. Soon only 11 minutes remained, and the host nation, Brazilian fan base rocked the stadium with jubilant cheers, but was quickly silenced by Uruguay’s go-ahead goal.
The modern Uruguay outfit is looking strong lead by Liverpool‘s Luis Suarez and Inter Milan‘s Diego Forlan, but no matter their present day success, it’ll be difficult to top the legendary performance the Uruguay team of 1950 put up in the World Cup final. And as you can see from this 2005 photo taken at a World Cup qualifier again against Brazil, the fans certainly haven’t forgotten it!

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