Indoor Week: Futsal

Jan 16, 2012

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We’re celebrating the climate-controlled side of the beautiful game at World Soccer Shop with Indoor Week! With a walled-in pitch, whether turf or a court, and the speedy, frenetic play, it’s different enough to be a nice change of pace, but is still the game we all love to play. Get all your essential indoor soccer gear at World Soccer Shop!

Futsal, from fĂștbol sala, is a variation of indoor soccer that’s widely popular in most Hispanic countries. Legend has it the game was created in 1930 Uruguay as a way for temporary YMCA residents to be able to play the beautiful game.

It’s played indoors, sure, but futsal varies greatly from the typical style of indoor soccer. No walls surrounding the court means out of bounds are played, the goals are a mere 3 yards wide by 2 yards tall, and the court is generally smaller. Lastly, the ball itself is smaller than a regular soccer ball and has less bounce. The end result of these features are a particularly quick pace of play and a strict demand of technical ability. That said, Ronaldinho’s play comes as no surprise…

And if Ronaldinho’s magic on the futsal court hasn’t left you inspired, perhaps this stunner will!

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