Indoor Week: GOOOOOLAZO!

Jan 16, 2012

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We’re celebrating the climate-controlled side of the beautiful game at World Soccer Shop with Indoor Week! With a walled-in pitch, whether turf or a court, and the speedy, frenetic play, it’s different enough to be a nice change of pace, but is still the game we all love to play. Get all your essential indoor soccer gear at World Soccer Shop!

We all love the beautiful game for a laundry list of reasons, but there’s nothing quite as exciting as a brilliantly struck goal! And there’s something to be said for a true golazo in indoor soccer. The goal is smaller, players must operate in tighter spaces, and striking off a hard, flat surface rather than a pitch of grass challenges a player’s control of the ball. These guys, however, weren’t phased at all. We bring you a short collection of some brilliant indoor soccer goals whether from futsal, professional or entirely recreational, as the indoor game was originally intended. Enjoy!

And in the mean time, grab all your essential indoor gear at World Soccer Shop and start creating highlight reels of your own!

You’d think for that poor goalkeeper’s sake the video’s creator could have showed just a few less replays of this goal, eh?

Seriously, is the celebration better than the goal? You be the judge.

That has to be the best rainbow ever pulled off on an indoor court, right?

Incredible footwork and a blistering shot into the roof of the net coupled with a fantastic atmosphere at a Major Indoor Soccer League game? Brilliant all around!

And as we’ve said, recreational games are at the heart of indoor… Umm… Yeah.

Thanks to all the YouTube uploaders!

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